Secure your Google Chrome with Password

We can protect our Google Chrome with Password. We can secure Saved Password, Important Bookmarks, etc… with this “Simple Password Startup” Extension. So let’s see how to secure Google Chrome with password.

Install the “Simple Password Startup” Exntension in your Chrome

Then go to “Tools” –> “Extension” –> “Simple Password Startup” –> “Option”
After that Enter a Password and Save it.
Now your Google Chrome is secured with Password.

Now your Google Chrome is secured with Password.

If you want to open your Google Chrome, every time you have to type the password in home page. If you type a wrong password, Chrome will be closed. Without knowing password we can see only “Home page” in chrome.

This is very easiest way to protect your “Saved Password” and “Bookmarks” from unknown persons.

Note: Don’t forget your Startup password. if you forget the password, you can’t recover it.