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Blue Light Glasses For Computer Users

If you anything like us, you will spend a great deal of time working away in front of a computer screen. These amazing devices allow us to do so much amazing work, and we think very little of the effects that they might be having on us. Not many people are aware that the blue light from computer screens actually has the highest-energy waves out of all the visible spectrum of light. This blue light is now everywhere, coming from our phones, our tablets, our laptops, basically, anything with a screen probably emits some level of blue light. We wanted to find out more about the effects of computer screen light, and how glasses for blue light can help screen gazers around the globe.

blue light glassesWearing Blue Light Glasses

It is funny how some people love the look of glasses and others cannot stand the thought of wearing glasses, especially when these people are not used to wearing them. They see the glasses as a hindrance when actually the opposite is true. When you stare at a computer screen all day long, the light from the computer can cause damage to your eyes, so special glasses that filter out the blue light can help.

Protecting Your Eyes

It has to do with the way our eyes work. Blue light blocking lenses keep the high energy blue light from reaching our eyes, which can help keep them from straining and also help our sleeping pattern. When our eyes are exposed to too much blue light, our retinas do not work properly and we become fatigued more quickly. Blue light glasses help alleviate this problem. Unfortunately, most of us can’t escape having to utilize computers, phones and tablets on a daily basis. Because of this, many need to wear light blue glasses for working on their computers or working outside.

How Do They Help Sleep?eye

The reason why blue light glasses help us sleep better is because they block out blue light exposure. This keeps the brain stimulated during the evening, and prevents the release of malatonin, which is the hormone that helps us fall asleep. Without enough sleep, the body cannot function properly and can suffer many different effects throughout the body. In other words, if we don’t get enough rest, we will show signs of stress throughout our day and this can lead to poor performance at work, illness and stress that can lead to many problems throughout life.

Keeping The Right Rhythm

Our eyes have a natural pacemaker that helps us regulate our circadian rhythms. Without the regulation of our circadian rhythms, the risk of developing insomnia increases. This leads to poor performance at work and reduced productivity and efficiency. It also leads to daytime drowsiness and poor judgment when driving, performing potentially dangerous tasks and driving while under the influence of alcohol. Our eyes need to be properly protected from an overexposure to light from computer screens in order for us to experience a good night’s sleep.

screen lightGlasses For Blue Light For Everyone

For the average person, the idea of blue light glasses may not seem like much. However, these special blue light glasses UK computer workers can use can actually make a huge difference in how you feel throughout your day. For most people, a pair of blue light glasses can help them be more productive throughout the day and cut down on their fatigue. If you suffer from any of these conditions, or if you are constantly fatigued, you may want to start wearing prescription lenses to see how much of a difference they can make. Prescription lenses for these issues can also help you enjoy life more to the fullest because you won’t always be distracted by your eyes.