internet security

Internet Security Tips to Stay Protected

The first and main signal to know if a website is secure is to check if it has the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security certificate. To do this, just look at the url (website address) and ensure that it has the HTTPS format and that the search bar displays a lock icon to signal that the website is safe.

By clicking on the lock icon, it is possible to access information about the security certificate and guarantee the authenticity of the website. In addition, the certificate guarantees that all information exchanged is encrypted, that is, it is protected from access by third parties.

Another recommendation is to validate the website’s reputation on consumer support online payment platforms. On independent shopping sites, read the reviews of other buyers and always make the purchase using the platform, never “from the outside”.

Be wary of too good offers

Initially, be wary of offers that are far below market value and that are said to be unmissable (as much happens on black friday).

Another important point is to pay attention to phishing attempts, a practice that tries to confuse the user and makes him, without realizing it, provide personal data (such as documents and passwords) to the fraudster, who passes by the company without authorization. Remember that reputable companies do not ask for passwords and data from their customers through unofficial channels.

Keep an eye on your passwords

With so much information to remember, many people choose to use the same password for different services. However, this practice is not recommended. This is because, if the fraudster finds out this password, he can have access to all his personal accounts at once.

To prevent this from happening, use different passwords and remember to keep them written down in a safe place. Also, when choosing your passwords, make sure they are strong, containing numbers, letters and special characters, if possible. Avoid birthdays or sequential numbers that are easily discovered.

Keep an antivirus up to date

Antivirus is an important ally of Internet security. There are paid and free options that can identify threats while browsing or even block access to suspicious websites.

Another important tip is to not download from unknown sources. Whenever you decide to download an application or file, make sure it is a reliable source.

Avoid excessive exposure on social networks

In addition to ensuring entertainment, social networks are excellent tools for online sales and to start the digital presence of your business. However, when used inappropriately they can be valuable sources of information for malicious people.

Therefore, double your attention with the content posted. Avoid making publications that reveal details about your intimacy and that of your family. It is also worth “cleaning up” the list of followers or friends and making sure that the profile is followed only by trusted people.